Tweeting and my Tribe

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of the Cleveland Indians, and I’m not afraid to admit it. During my lifetime I’ve seen more down years than good ones. Watching games as a kid at Municipal Stadium, I remember more empty wooden seats than seats with fans in them; seldom was it a full house.  Yes, they came close a couple of times to winning the World Series but it wasn’t close enough I guess.  Fast forward ahead to present at Progressive Field (to me it will always be Jacobs Field or The Jake), and it’s
a great time to be a Tribe fan!

By the end of June, in most years, the Indians have been all but eliminated from playoff contention and I would be hearing about trades that would lighten the payroll.  But it’s July 5th and Cleveland sits in first place in the Central Division and they are hosting the Yankees this week. Winning 3 of 4 against the Reds in interleague play was good for bragging rights, making opening up the series with a win on Monday over New York  that much sweeter. Only thing that would have made it better would have been to be there in person to witness the 6-3 win….a guy can dream.

Since moving from Cleveland to Charlotte six years ago I’ve had to follow my beloved Tribe on the Internet, whether it’s through reading the Cleveland Plain Dealer online or following the Tribe on ESPN or MLB websites. I do get to watch the occasional game on TV but it just isn’t the same as catching a game in person at the corner of Ontario and Carnegie eating a footlong smothered in their famous stadium mustard.

I now consider Twitter as my favorite way to track my Indians even when I’m out and can’t catch the Tribe on the tube. It’s great for me because I can gather many different accounts of any game – the two main reporters that I follow are Tom Withers from the AP and Paul Hoynes, the Indians’ main beat writer. Being the stat junkie that I am (and have been since I was a little kid), I can’t get enough of the notes that are passed on from them, Indians PR staff, MLB PR or the stat bureaus.

My wife isn’t such a big fan of Twitter though – the Indians yes, Twitter, not so much. I’m constantly checking my Twitter feed or Facebook to catch up on the latest about the Tribe. She can’t stand it most of the time, especially if I’m tweeting while she’s trying to talk to me. Hopefully she’ll remember our first date (just over 10 years ago) was at an Indians game — maybe it will buy me some extra tweet-time for the rest of the season!

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