Now What?

For the longest time I’ve thought about starting a blog. I have so much running through my head but for some reason fail to put it down on paper — or in this case typing it onto this page. So when I made the choice to join in the festivities I was put to the task of trying to decide on so many things: what to title my blog, what theme to choose and what I want to promote about myself along the way.

For the last day, I’ve tinkered with the design of the site and will probably change it up a couple more times before I’m satisfied. I love the header image of The Jake (ok, The Prog) but I will add backups if I need to freshen the look.  I’m pretty content with the title — I spent so many years in college athletics in a press box or on a field that it fits me, though I don’t plan on blogging about sports all the time.

Who knows, I may blog about trips to the Cape or the ever-changing technology that surrounds social media (this really intrigues me). I try and keep up with any new devices, software or ways that we chat with one another; however I must admit I don’t have an iPhone, an iPad or any tablet for that matter. I give thanks to a former employer who “forced” me to get a BlackBerry a number of years ago. I’m now hooked and maximize its use for email, Facebook and Twitter along with the occasional text. Thank you Sprint for the unlimited data usage plan.

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