No Rest for the Weary

Well, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. There has been so much craziness going on over the last six-plus months that sometimes I think my head is spinning so fast that it is going to fall off. The funny thing (well, not so funny) is that the one thing that’s been occupying the bulk of the time is school. I can put down so many adjectives describing my experience thus far but I don’t want to bore you.

I was out walking my dogs early this morning and for some reason the following line from a song came to my head:

“Put one foot in front of the other. And soon you’ll walking across the floor.”

Yes, it’s June but this song from Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town just hit me out of nowhere and got me thinking how this song really put things of late into perspective.

Last night — or should I say at around midnight — I turned in a PowerPoint project for my Engligh class to wrap up the first summer session. All I have to wait on are my grades and then I’m officially 20% of the way through to getting my MBA.

Time to celebrate? Not at all because today starts the second summer session. Yes, today. No rest for the weary. I’m just waiting on one of my professors to post their syllabus and I’ll be ready to have some fun. Two more classes over another five weeks and before you know it will be August. I’m sure by then I will be asking myself why I did it and just blew most of the summer by taking classes.

The summer isn’t what I’m really worried about, though. Because of the time crunch, I really haven’t been able to spend any quality time with my wife. Let me re-phrase that, next to no time. Our quality time of late has consisted of — brace yourself — some late Friday nights helping me review and edit two papers so I can get them in on time. Some fun, huh? Well, I need to rectify that and fast!

Jennifer has been incredibly supportive throughout this whole process. It all happened so quickly. From the prep class for the GMAT last summer to taking the exam a month later and then classes three months after that, she’s been my rock and my biggest cheerleader. Thank you, J!! You’re the best.


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1 Response to No Rest for the Weary

  1. RoniLynn says:

    Ohhhhh we TOTALLY NEED TO TALK!! I AM SO DREADING TAKING THE GMAT (OR GRE??), not sure. Of course I took the GRE WAAAAY back in 19—ahem—92, so you KNOW those scores are pretty much irrevelent! lol!! Good for you and going back to school. I know what I want to do…but how in the world did you finally decide it was time to JUST DO IT? OK, that was corny, but I couldn’t resist.

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